Part I - Energy around us

This will be my first post on my beliefs on the energy surrounding us... 

Just over 10 years ago I began my personal journey of "becoming" or "awakening" myself to the possibilities that there is more to life than what I saw or was told existed.

Why did I begin my journey? Through most of my childhood and teenage years my hands were always extremely warm and felt like they were burning and I would also see colors surrounding people. So like any normal person I saw a doctor for my hands and had my eyes checked by an optometrist.

Both tested fine... Hands were warm due to circulation and my eyes were just as bad as they always had been. So I did what most people would do and searched the internet.After spending many hours online I kept coming across a word... Reiki.

I researched a lot about it and after a couple months of scratching my head, I signed up for a multi-day class held by the International Center for Reiki Training and received certification in levels 1 and 2. The classes opened me to a new perception of life but I constantly had an internal battle. Science vs the Unknown. No matter how much I "wanted" to believe, (I should say I thought I believed)... I held myself back.

Finally after several years of dabbling in it but not really committing myself, I opened myself to the idea that there was more than I knew and wanted to learn more. I then discovered that the more I learned the more I wanted to learn. My first efforts were focused on receiving Advanced Reiki Training and I started experiencing a stronger connection in my sessions but became aware that there was so much more. There were missing pieces but I didn't know what they were. I started to crave the need to know more and so I explored Shamanism, reflexology and other healing modalities. 

During my desire for knowledge I found that no matter the modality... be it Yoga, acupuncture, reiki, reflexology, shamanism, or any other modality. They all have one thing in common. Energy. I always knew energy was everywhere and the simple scientific explanation was always ... energy cannot be destroyed it just changes its state. 

So while I was searching and doing healing sessions, it was easy enough to visualize the energy not flowing and remove the block. The person I was working with would feel better and we were both satisfied with the results but I still knew there was more.

After many discussions with others (including my amazing wife) I opened myself to all of the truths and possibilities I have had over the years and allowed myself to completely and openly follow my journey. The journey led me on to another path which I had never heard of or new existed and had either been forgotten or ignored by many. (I will discuss in a subsequent post) The more I delved into it the more I began to realize how interconnected we are to the life around us.

It seems simple but the truth is so simple and yet so very difficult to put into words. The energy we carry passes through us and interacts with everything around us. People, objects, animals and plants all transmit and have their own impressions. How we interact and relate to the to the world around us is both impacted and impacts the energies surrounding us. 

The energy we carry and interact with daily affects our emotions, health and our perceptions and also leaves impressions in and around us. We carry, transmit and receive impressions every moment of the day with our thoughts and action to the world around us. One small example is when individuals walk into the room and getting the shivers because something isn't "right" or why a person starts to feel better when someone walks into a room. We carry and feel what is around us. 

Our interactions can be healing or have what we would deem "negative" but it is what we are either willing or calling on ourselves to receive. My wife is fond of saying that the universe gives us what we ask for. It is true. The universe doesn't have negative intent, it is just trying to fulfill your need.

More to follow.

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