News Media Marketing

Marketing techniques have been mastered to the point it is a science.... branding, stylistic approaches, logos, jingles, product placement and I'll even venture to say subliminal messages. 

Marketing has been researched and mastered.

Broken down, it really is a simple enough concept...
If you get your message in front of an audience enough times, the message will sink in.
The earlier you provide your message the earlier the message will be adopted.

With that knowledge I have to ask, what is the news media thinking?
Why publish so many negative news articles without an equal amount of uplifting stories.
On CNN the top story is about Obama making his case to attack Syria (killing people).
On the breaking news headline is a car bomb in Libya.
On NYTimes, two major articles are a chemical strike and attacking Syria.

In early times centralized religious organizations realized that by educating and preaching themes were the easiest ways to change public thinking. Companies like Nike, Coke and Pepsi mastered the message. So what is the fascination with the news media?

I know when I go on Facebook and youtube some of the top rated postings are cats, pets doing interesting things, and uplifting posts. I would like to hope that people would be interested in similar uplifting stories across the country.

Are we, as a people so fixated on the negative of others to make ourselves feel better? I would like to hope not. We can certainly post about issues of politics and harsh actions in other countries, but they can be presented in other ways. 

With messages of hope and humanitarian aid and not just raw violence.

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