Just a thought

Maybe its the weather changing or maybe its because I work in the city, but as I was driving to my office and passing the many homeless holding signs asking for money for food a thought occurred to me.

Wouldn't it be a better of real estate if all the businesses who have lush landscapes that are cared for... shrubs and trees carefully pruned.... lawns expertly mowed.... planted fruit and nut trees? What if the towns and city's that cared for all of the trees switched them with fruit yielding varieties and welcomed everyone share in the harvest? 

We pay our towns taxes and maintenance fees, why not share in a harvest? To take it a step further, what if each house had at least one tree that yielded fruits or nuts? 

Not only would the family who had the tree benefit, but if the harvest was shared with the neighborhood, you would get to know your neighbor better and build relationships.
Put it on the edge of the yard and welcome anyone who passed by to try the yield.

We complain about people starving in our country but take no steps to help or make a change.
Why not take a small step towards making a difference by helping ourselves, our air quality and community by planting a tree.

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