Just for Today

When we are born, the world is full of opportunities, wonder and awe. Somewhere along the way limitations are set on each of us in different ways. You may have heard "Your not talented enough to be an artist" or "You will never be a ballplayer" or even "You will never make a living doing that".

We then start to internalize and say "I'll never be good enough to publish a book" or "I dont have the talent to do....".

The world around us if filled with challenges. If people didnt surpass the limitations set on us, we still believe the world is flat and there wouldn't be fire, airplanes or explorations of other planets.

It's easy to get mired in our own self limitations, fears and the obstacles around us and never try. It is harder to set our limitations aside and motivate ourselves to open ourselves to the opportunities and possibilities that seem like hurdles.

My wife has the gift to find the beauty in everything. The beauty in obstacles, the beauty in all of the many personalities people have and the beauty if every situation no matter the outcome.

I have to take a differnt route and ask you to for one day try the following.

Forget about the yesterdays and the tomorrows and focus on just today. 

Just for today set aside doubts, challenges and preconceived notions and open yourself to the possibilities around you.

If it is excercising.... Just for today, carve out 20 minutes.
Tomorrow? Maybe you wont... but Just for Today, find those 20 minutes to exercise.

If it is anger, set it aside for today. Just for today try and stay calm and let go of the angst building in you.

Focus all your energy and internal will to let go of your limitations. 

Then when you tomorrow arrives. It will be another Today to try again.

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