Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Vacation to Remember

During the chilly winter months my wife and I decided we needed a vacation and we needed to determine where we would go... I love the warmth, my wife loves the mountains. My wife for the last three years kept coming across one location in the mountains she wanted to stay, Moosehead Cottage Resorts in Greenville Maine.

After the busy year we had at home and at work, I conceded with one stipulation... relaxation. I wanted to do nothing but relax and spend time with the family. So needless to say she booked it, we traveled North for five hours and I have to admit it was one of the best vacations we have been on.

Greenville Maine has a wonderful small town feel that can rarely be found anymore. There was one chain store (Hannafords Shop and Save)  and one chain gas station (Irving) aside from that... the town has small shops owned and run by locals.

We arrived on Saturday afternoon, checked in and went to buy groceries. By the time we arrived at the store, the cashier knew we were the family staying at the Cottages and had food allergies. (apparently the owner had gone shopping just before we arrived) The downtown has shops lining one street with names like Corner Shop, Kamp Kamp, Indian Hill Trading Post, Crazy Moose Fabrics and during early spring you should always call because they may be closed for Mud Season!

Aside from the quaintness of the town, the most important part of the trip
was that it allowed us to thrive as a family. There was no hustle of daily activities, no rush to meet deadlines, no pressing agenda driving the day. The trip focused on the Miller Family and spending time together.

My wife and I tried to make sure all of our needs were met and were rewarded beyond our imagination. Our son swam the full length of a pool for the first time, our youngest daughter began swimming and our eldest daughter played games with her mother and I on a daily basis and worked on controlling her emotions, my wife and I were able to read several books, explore the area and watch our children's wonderment.

Ultimately, the vacation re-enforced what we are trying to be do in our lives... It allowed us to slow down and simplify our life. It allowed us to be at peace with ourselves and most importantly, it allowed us to enjoy who and where we were at every moment of the day.

Moosehead may not have been the warmth I love, but I certainly plan to visit again.