Knowing Thy Neighbor

As most of you know, my wife and I follow a gluten free, dairy free, raw foods, whole foods, microwave free, dishwasher free lifestyle. We also believe in holistic and eastern healing (Reiki, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Meditation) and trying to always find beauty in the world around us. But life is full of interesting people and some are even your neighbor.

Today as we were by our fire boiling maple sap for syrup we started talking with our neighbor. Our neighbor has had back problems for years and then had his big toe lock up making it difficult and often painful to walk. After doing research he decided last June to stop wearing shoes. He used to wear boots to work most days, but now he walks barefoot everywhere. In Boston, hiking in the woods, jogging... you name it. The rare exception is when he wears flip flops to work and then removes them when he is at work. He even shoveled snow this winter in his bare feet!

Studies do indicate that shoes destroy our posture, de-sensitise our feet and actually make it more difficult to balance. After speaking with him it was interesting to learn that Massachusetts actually doesn't have a law against being barefoot in public or in public facilities. Apparently there are only a few select towns that implemented laws in the 70's, but otherwise there are none.

One of the more interesting interactions he told us about was when he walked into a store and a manager wanted him to leave because he didnt have shoes. His discussion ended with him pointing out his feet were cleaner than any of the shoes in the store since he washed his feet that morning. How true.

Most importantly, it is interesting to note that his back is feeling better and he is regaining movement in his toe. Isn't it interesting that the more simple we make our lives the better it is for us? Food, shoes, life choices? The world is talking to us... our we listening? What choices are you making?

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