356 Day Journey

In nine days it  will have been a year since I last posted.

When I stopped posting I had convinced myself it was to straighten things out and take time to work on the many things in life happening around us. The reality was it was to run from them and hide. It is always easier to curl up into the fetal position when things happen rather  than to embrace and accept them.

In the last year my family and I dealt with deaths, month long sicknesses, financial issues, allergies, unexpected home repairs, vehicle issues and items stolen from our home. Our lives were often turned upside down and spun in circles and I tried to find ways to challenge, hide and often settled on wallowing in anger and frustration.

I became frustrated with "my job, our situation and often my life".

Silly isn't it? Don't get me wrong... there were certainly things that were magnified due to things I could have controlled if I did things differently. But many things that occur were just life happening and were excuses.

I tell my children that how we act to a situation is what defines and makes us who we are. By my own example I am a grouchy, ill tempered, impatient man. My wife always says we must find the beauty in things. But in order to do that we have to find the beauty in ourselves. If we dont embrace who we are and grow who we are... the beauty around us is hard to recognize.

The key point was written in that paragraph above but bears repeating... "we have to find the beauty in ourselves".  In case you are wondering it is MUCH easier to write than to apply.

So I dont belabor the point, I will continue....  Whether knowing the ramifications of her choices, my beautiful wife set our family on a path to better ourselves. She chose a path for our health, parenting and self exploration. It has certainly created bumps in our joruney and it certainly has put us in the minority of people living in the United States. It is certainly not the norm (whole foods, no prepared meals, lack of microwave, no dishwasher, ripple effect parenting), but it is one that has allowed us to heal. Waking up from the matrix was difficult, but it is enlightening.

What do I mean? When your mind and body have the nourishment it needs, it puts you on a path of healing. Good food + healthy choices = wellness.  It's simple really... but the problem is that it is to simple. So easy that it is hard to believe and harder to apply. It also allows you to see what truly is happening around you. (a blog for another time)

When you don't want to take responsibility it is hard to accept the finer things in life. Why cook and pay attention to your food when you can buy packages? Why mentor your children when you can just tell them to do something? Why explain a choice when you can just punish? Why accept responsibility for your actions when you can blame things around you? Why make an informed choice when you can just do what you are told?

It's hard. Life is hard. Those are things we are told from our early childhood days. But my wife has found the real truth. Life is beautiful. Look around you and look at the people around you. Life is miraculous. Unfortunately, we often dont choose to acknowledge it.

Try to take a moment and look around you... Are you seeing the world for what it is or as you are told it is? Are the choices you are making the best for you in mind and body? Do you see the beauty within yourself?

Those are the choices that I faced through the last year and I believe I am on a path of healing.It is often easier to heal others, and I hid from them for a while but I believe I am finally on a path of healing.

I believe my wife is an amazing person and meeting her has the ripple effect of a pebble thrown in a pond. She has an amazing way of showing others the beauty that is around us.
The universe smiled on me the day that we met and I want to thank the univers and my wife for lighting my path. Thank you my Love. I adore you.

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