Business Travel

I am currently at a four day HIMSS Conference in Atlanta.
It is my first time away from my wife and three kids and it is my wife's first time being the solo parent for an extended period of time. (Adele wants me to clarify that I traveled when there were two children. I feel it is a different ball game with three children.) As my wife said, it is an awkward amount of time. . . not long enough to stat long term structure but certainly not a quick overnight.

I can only imagine what it is like for my wife, and I have to give her a lot of credit for her nurturing nature and her fortitude to withstand being the only parent. Maybe some day she will blog about her adventures.

What I can write about is my perspective on the journey.
It is strange.


Very Strange.

The days at the conference are full exhibits, educational sessions, social networking and lots of activity.
The hotel in the evening is another story.
It is quiet, peaceful, relaxing and ... did I mention quiet? It is everything my home is not.

I find myself leaving the tv on for the background noise and today I watched a Zac Effron/Matthew Perry movie (17 Again) that my daughter would love.
Why? I have no good reason, but I guess I felt a bit closer to my family watching something my daughter would enjoy.

One great salvation for both my family and myself has been video conferencing. Before I left, I set up video conferencing software (oovoo) and every morning I send a video message to my wife and kids before I head out and in the evenings we schedule a live conference to chat to each other before everyone heads off to bed. If you ever travel, I would strongly recommend it. It makes everyone feel a bit closer and it is great to see smiling faces.

Traveling to and adventuring to new cities is nice and I could get used to the room service...
But, I look forward to the hugs and seeing everyone when I return.

Maybe next time I will be able to travel on business with my family.
That way we would all get the room service and explore the city together!

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