Profession to parent to Energizer Mom?

You've known one or possibly been one yourself.

I'm talking about the accountant/administrator/professional woman who feels that children should be seen and not heard. But what happens when a child melts the heart strings and captivates their world? An astounding transformation.

My wife and I have a dear friend who was once an account and has now become what I refer to as the "Energizer Mom". Our friend refers to my wife as a bundle of energy (which  I have to admit she is)...  but I get tired just watching our friend! Our friend has three highly energetic children that in all intents and purposes rival ours. The main difference is that her husband is often away on business or working nights leaving our dear "Energizer Mom" in charge of the household. The one time accountant who had to maintain things with precision now thrives in the world of structured chaos. Like the oft mentioned drum banging Bunnie, our friend will often can be seen going to and fro in a blink of an eye. She will be smiling joyously as the whirlwind of life is happening all about her, chat happily as she is running the never ending errands and relish the joy and passion of seeing her children smiling, giggling and enjoying life... which is all that matters to her.

Yes, we all want that for our children. I know. . . I know... But how often do you have an exhausting day, put two of your children to bed, drive to a grocery store that is 20 minutes from you (while your spouse is home of course), drive to pick up your eldest child from play rehearsal, drive back home, put your eldest to bed, pack up lunches for the next day, pack up all the supplies for your childrens new skiing passion, clean up after the current days adventure before finally getting to bed for a brief nights rest. At the sound of your alarm you then wake up your children, rush to feed them, wrestle them into clothes during their excitement, leave the house by 7:30, drive an hour to a mountain, get them all set on ski's, walk them to the appropriate trail and then proceed to run down the side of a mountain beside your three children while encouraging them, picking them up and calling out tips? Yes. . . you did read running down the mountain. I am exhausted and all I did was type it!

"Energizer Mom's" are amazing. They feed off the happiness of their children and ride the rapids of daily events all while being the best child advocate than can be. Maybe they saved all their energy while they were the accountants/administrators/professionals. Maybe they didn't know they had so much love in their hearts. . . who knows for sure. . .

My wife and I do know they are a joy to be friends with and we are lucky to know her.

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