Have you visited "Neverland" lately?

As a family we tend to listen to a lot of Audio books while driving. I listen to them during my 45 minute commute to and from work in my truck and my wife and children listen to them while driving to all of their many activities in our minivan. The newest story that is playing in the minivan is Peter Pan in Scarlet. All of us are familiar with "Neverland" and the rambunctious Lost Boys led by the one and only Peter Pan. This led me to wonder when the Peter Pan in all of us makes the shift to a Lost Boy that has grown up?

I'd like to think we all visit our "Neverland" to play for a while, but like the Lost Boys and Wendy, we always come back to our grown up selves. Personally speaking, my visits to "Neverland" became less frequent over time and I rarely found any time to make the journey there. Why is that?

Was it Work? The bills? Family Life? Or was it the culmination of the choices I made during my life finally catching up to me. . . ?

Honestly, it was a little of everything for me. When I was a youth I always wanted to be an adult and often found it hard to socialize freely with many of my school friends. I had a group of close friends and many people I would talk with, but I always wanted more and wanted to be doing something else. My first step away from my "Neverland" came when I was 12. I wont go into why it occurred, but I made the mental choice to close the door on my youth and began making plans for my future.

By the time I was 21, I was well on the way to achieving my life plans, but found things weren't as easy as I expected and/or wanted them to be... Where was the fun and excitement? College is work and paying for college is even more work! Relationships are even harder than both of them put together! Professors always push and expect more... even when you think you are giving your all!!! This led to another leap from my "Neverland". But this time, I pushed it far away.

I started a company, and worked it for 10 years. Then saw the company and my life take yet another shift. Running a technology company in 2001 wasn't going to work. The .com bubble burst and with it went many of my customers. Just another casualty, more life lessons and never a thought of "Neverland". I was far to busy drowning myself in my life.

From there my journey had many more poor choices (did I mention MANY?) but in the worst part of losing myself both figuratively and literally, I met my wife. She is my Tinkerbell and Wendy rolled into one and my children are my fellow Lost Boys. My wife and children have shown me my way back to "Neverland". My family is the greatest journey I could have ever taken and has proven to me that Peter Pan still lives in me. Sometimes I am afraid to make the journey, but other times it is a great journey that I look forward to with excitement. It is scary and glory rolled into one. I just need to holler "Cock a Doodle Doo!" think a happy thought and fly!!

Have you made the journey lately? You should. . . Second star to the left, and straight on till morning.

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