Give me the slow lane

Like many, when I was in my 20's I had to have the newest technology. I built my own systems and upgraded them every six months as newer items became available. New cellphone, check. New gaming system, check. New method to connect home computers, check. Bleeding edge all the way.

A wife, three children and 10+ years in the IT field and my mentality has finally changed. At work, I want the latest and greatest. Give me the solid state hard drives, newest windows operating system and every gadget I can have! But once I leave the office. . .  I want to unplug. I am done with the 24x7x365 technology barrage.

I dont need the blackberry and all day barrage. I dont want the microwave dinners, fast food packages, genetically altered foods and instant teas. I want food only with ingredients I can pronounce, fresh vegetables and eggs fresh out of a coop. Technology for entertainment is fine, but I'm quite happy leaving it there. I find myself longing for less technology and a simpler lifestyle. The technology superhighway has me yearning to pull over and see the world around me.

Personally, I miss going to the mailbox and finding a personal letter addressed to me. The only time of year I can expect anything but bills is during holiday seasons! Just because there are newer things available in life, it doesn't  mean they are always better.

I will leave the tea for two in two minutes to the young, while I boil a pot of water and steep my tea. Some things just taste better with a bit of time and enjoying the slow paced moments off of the highway.

So to all of you in the fast lane. . . I'll let you pass me by and wish you luck on your journey. Just remember to pull over once in a while and enjoy the simple things in life.

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