Fair is not Equal, even for adults.

Many of us have experienced the sentiment of  another 40 hour plus week at the weekly grind, with nothing but the desire of a nice dinner, drink and relaxation in with the tv/movie/computer/book (pick your poison). But wait.... you remember your wife is headed out again for yet another night out with the ladies!!!

How can that be? She went out the week before with them while you were home with the children!! You wonder how she can think of doing such a thing when she gets to play all day with the kiddos, doesn't clean up half the time and often forgets to keep up with her end of the chores. Let's not even mention dinner not being ready half the time when you arrive home!

What is going on folks!!!???!!! All I can say is. . . Fair is not equal. It is easy to say that to our children isn't it? Well, it applies to us too. It is hard for those of us in the workforce who march off diligently every weekday and labor for our paychecks. It is even hard to not be able to spend our hard earned money. In this economy we are lucky to even get a paycheck! But I have to tell all of you. We have it easy.

Being a stay at home parent is rough. I have seen both my wife and others undergo transformations while being home. Many for the good. Some for the worse. The energy, enthusiasm, love and care that is demanded on a daily basis is exhausting. At one point in time, I was the 1950 stereotypical male. You could almost hear me saying, "Honey, I'm Home! What's for dinner?"

Wondering what changed? Spending time with my children while my wife went out. My amazing. . . the homeschool educator, wife, home chef, house cleaner, child bearer, child carer and my best friend. . . also is a reporter for a local paper and tutors. On a few nights a week she has to head out and I get to spend time with our children. Gotta tell you. . . it's exhilarating and EXHAUSTING!!

If you haven't had the opportunity to spend chunks of time with your children in the middle of prime hours. . . do it. You will gain a new perspective on things. Children demand constant attention, entertainment, communication, activities and love. Try doing anything during their time with you and you will likely fail. I used to have them do chores. It was highly effective and time consuming, but was not enjoyable for the children or myself. This led me to a new understanding and appreciation for anyone that stays home for a living.

My sentiment is going to work is a breeze and often like a vacation. Fair is definitely not equal and it often leads in my direction. My wife does not get out enough. She doesn't get time for herself. Nor does she get uninterrupted adult conversation on a regular basis. The least I can do is give her a hug, my thanks and tell her to enjoy herself on the couple nights a month she heads out for a sanity check.

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