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Mothers Day

It's been just over 2 months since my mother passed away.

At times my mind doesn't believe she has left. 
67 is far to young to leave. There was so much she wanted to do and so much we wanted her to be apart of, but her illness didn't care.

There are times that it seems as though it was yesterday since I was sitting beside her. Talking. Laughing. Holding her hand. 
I even reach for my phone to call her and realize that I  had cancelled her home phone number. So I couldn't hear her voice on her birthday this year.
I couldn't sing her the birthday song.

Tomorrow is mothers day and I again wont be able to see or talk to her.
Wont hear her laugh. Wont hold her hand.

If you have a mother, wife or loved one.. appreciate them as much as you can, when you can. Laugh with them, smile with them, hold them, and share your love with them. Our time is precious and the time we spend with each other is to short.

I hope each of you has a heartfelt, beauty-filled Mothers Day.

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